Meet The Band


Clyde Lawrence

Keys, Lead Vocals
New York, NY

Professional Settlers of Catan player. Enjoys playing music in his spare time.

Gracie Lawrence

Lead Vocals, Tambourine
New York, NY

On the Real Housewives of NYC, my tagline would be “Try to cross me and I will sing the highest note of Limbo in your face.”


Marc Langer

Trumpet, Bongos, Headband
New Rochelle, NY

A powerhouse horn-tooter in all respects. Innovator of on-stage antics. Namaste.


Sumner Becker

Alto Saxophone, Shaker
White River Junction, VT

“Do we have a dinner plan?”


Jordan Cohen

Tenor Saxophone, Background Vocals
Long Island, NY

Most likely to be trading Bitcoin while eating ice cream in his living room.


Jonny KOh

Guitar, Background Vocals
Waltham, MA

Advocate of tiny music and tiny dance moves. Part-time rabbit.


Sam Askin

Drums, Percussion
New York, NY

Likes urbanism, dislikes slow drivers. Perpetually caffeinated

Michael Karsh

Bass, Background Vocals
Los Angeles, CA

Connoisseur of hyperbole. Future dreamer. Likes stuff.